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Andreas Herzog

I am born 1982 in Oberndorf near Salzburg in Austria. After five years studying “Military Leadership and Organisation” i love to work as purchaser in the industry since 2007.


With my master study at SMBS in Salzburg I expanded my knowledge in negotiating and economic and analytical thinking and acting.


Now let’s break the rules to change the world!

Martin B. Petertill

I am born 1981 in Salzburg and I am a fan of cars and trucks. I love to sell them sucessfully since years.


Now I am going my own way together with friends - creative, solution and customer oriented with focus on marketing and sales.


Let's rock!

Chris H. Leeb

I am born 1962 in Linz / Austria, I am visionary, portfolio entrepreneur, speaker, and musician.


Matching startups and investors is not very easy. I have experience from both sides. So, it's time to fix that!


Let's cleebrate!